The Chamber has become one of the leading organizations in promoting the economic and civic well being of our fine community. One of the many benefits of membership is being a part of our website which was launched in 2013, www.bremencoc.org The website is professionally monitored changing on a regular basis to remain fresh and inviting. Members are listed on the site with a brief description of their business. There is also an area on the home page which lists a “featured member” and includes a photograph. The “featured member” changes every few weeks in order to be able to include everyone in a timely fashion. In cooperation with the Village of Bremen, the Brick N Mortar newsletter is distributed quarterly to each household in Bremen who receives a water bill. This newsletter provides a listing of chamber member information. Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month and begin at Noon ending promptly at 1PM allowing our members to return back to work in a timely fashion. Members are encouraged to speak at our meetings to promote their business and/or civic organization.

When returning your dues, please provide updated information so we are able to promote your business and place the information on the website. After receiving your dues, a window decal will be mailed for you to proudly display at your business or home. Please consider joining or renewing your membership with the Chamber. We truly appreciate and thank you for your continued support.

Michael Hermick, President
Connie Moyer, Vice-President
Annamarie Qualls, Treasurer
Natalie Nutter, Secretary

Please update my business information as follows:
We would like to extend a personal invitation for you to join the Bremen Area Chamber of Commerce for the 2016 year. Membership dues remain the same for the 7th year.
$250.00 -  Corporate
$125.00 -  Government (one division)
$100.00 -  Civic Group
$  50.00 -  Small Business
$  25.00 -  Individual Person (retired or private)
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Bremen Area Chamber of Commerce
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